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Editor: Yael Rosenberg, RN, B.S.H

Alternative Medical Care is the approach to health care that is outside the realm of conventional, western, drug-based medicine. It includes various methods of healing and treating disease. While alternative medicine is used as a substitute to conventional care, many health practitioners practice complementary medicine which combines therapeutic disciplines with conventional medical care.

In these pages you'll find basic information and resources on many of the alternative treatment methods, of which some are more popular than others.  Interestingly, in Israel as well as in Western and Eastern Europe, the incorporation of alternative methodologies is more prevalent with medical doctors than it is in the United States.

Alternative Treatment Methods
  Chiropractic Treatment
  Guided Imagery
  Herbal Remedies
  Magnetic Therapy
  Massage Therapy
  Tai Chi
  Therapeutic Touch
  Vitamin Therapy




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